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  • Stephen D'Agostino

A Coincidence Set in Stone

Here’s a little snippet from THE DUTIFUL SON:

“The tombstone. We should take it,” Will said

“But how?” Tommy asked.

“It’s just buried in the ground. We can dig it out. It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“Where’re you going?”

“We’re taking the tombstone, Mr. Henderson.Your son deserves more than a pile of rocks and a crooked cross for a marker.”

“So—” Father began.

“Does my mother,” Will said.”I know. I aim to right that. And I am starting by making sure that at least one person buried on my property is buried right.”

“We’re grave robbers,” Tommy said.

“Your brother and this belong to your parents. You can’t steal what you already own. And if someone wants to complain, ask them what is more unjust, taking something that belongs to you or taking something that doesn’t—whether you pay for it or not.”


I found the headstone above when I visited the Pepacton Cemetery just north of the Pepacton Reservoir. Though Tommy’s brother’s tombstone is a much simpler affair than the one above, seeing this put a sad smile on my face. It was a fortunate coincidence, and I took it as a sign and a bit of a reaffirmation about my novel.

I hope this whetted your appetite a bit for the book!

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