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  • Stephen D'Agostino

Holiday Events Abound This Month in Reading

For my first column of the month (or first column close to the beginning of the month), I like to walk through the various events happening around town for the rest of that one-twelfth of the year. Last week’s column was the first of December, and I focused on the library’s automation, something definitely worth noting, and just two events that happened last weekend.

I will get to events for the month in this column, but first, let me recap those two events I wrote about last week and offer some gratitude.

Big thanks from the Reading Recreation Commission for everyone who turned out for Reading’s First Annual Tree Lighting. The night was beautiful, warm for December, and lit through broken clouds by an almost full moon. There were lots of energetic kids, made more energetic, perhaps, by the cookies, cocoa, and cider. There were also some familiar faces and people I’d never met. In fact, three newish couples (and one dog) introduced themselves to me. I hope they enjoyed this little bit of community with 60 to 75 of their new neighbors.

Second, big thanks from the Reading Historical Society for the crafters and the shoppers who participated in the second annual Reading Holiday Craft Fair. I was there selling soap and candles, and perhaps the thing I heard most often was how great the crafts were. I agree! The historical society is pleased that so many people had a nice time at the event.

Special thanks to the following folks who helped out. Tony Pikramenos for use of the library during the tree lighting; Maryse Brand, Mark Hall, and the Hall Art Foundation for use of their fire pit; Bill Bakker for purchasing two weeks’ worth of ads in the Standard promoting the craft fair; Garrett Mulder for marking off the booths at in the school cafeteria—a task that took him minutes and would have taken me hours; Dianne Bennett for donating ribbons for sale and beautiful centerpieces for a raffle at the craft show; Tom and Calista Brennan for making and serving a delicious lunch; Jared Jackson, the custodian at the school, for helping us set up for the craft fair, and Cathy Knight for use of the school.

Those two events are in the books for 2017, but will be back for 2018. Now, let’s talk about some of the other things happening in town this month. I’ll pause for one second so you can get your calendars open.

OK. I’m back. This Sunday, December 10, at 1pm, Deb Ledoux’s holiday concert, an already established tradition, is happening at the school. Deb tells me that there will be 17 young musicians performing holiday music and several Celtic pieces. I’m always amazed at how talented these kids are. It’s easy to see that they’ve put a lot of time into practicing.

Some of the same musicians and many more will be hitting the stage for the school’s annual holiday concert. This happens at Robinson Hall on December 14 at 6pm. The theme of the concert is “December Around the World.”

I went to this event last year, and apart from again being wowed at the skills of these young performers, I was blown away by the crowd. It was a standing room only! You may want to get there a tad early.

Jumping forward 10 days from the concert, the annual Christmas Eve candlelight service will be held on December 24 at 5pm at the Old Stone Church, my favorite building in Reading. I went last year and was delighted by the clever way carols and scripture were interwoven. Plus, participating in the ending carol sticks with me today.

So that gets us through Christmas and edging up to 2018. Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve? May I suggest the New Year’s Eve dance, sponsored by the Reading Recreation Commission.

Yes, you heard that right. Why not have a New Year’s Eve Dance? We have the space at Robinson Hall, we have an enthusiastic, energetic group of residents, and who couldn’t use a bit of celebrating. Plus, if you’re going to ring in the new year, why not ring it in close to home?

The event starts at 8:30pm and runs to 12:30am. You know the date. For more information, contact Joe Braun at or 203-313-1468.

For birthdays this week, there’s only one that I know of: a guy who writes a column for the Standard every week about our town.

That’s the news from Reading! See you next week!

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