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  • Stephen D'Agostino

In Reading, We’re Still Waiting for May

Dear Month of May,

Did I pour it on too thick, when I spoke in my columns through March and April about how much I was looking forward to you? Did my gushing of how beautiful you are create some sort of performance anxiety that made you falter? Do you know that I am not alone when it comes to disappointment in what you’ve shown us so far?

People around Reading, on the radio, and on the internet have been talking about you. They feel betrayed. After all, we put up with what seemed like six months of winter knowing that you would be waiting for us on the other side. We’re here. Where are you?

The calendar on my wall says May. The grass looks green. The flowers have come up from the earth. These signs all point to you, you allegedly "very merry month." Yet you have given us the cold shoulder. Your mood has been dark and dreary. You dumped three inches of snow on my flowers. You've delayed me planting my early-season vegetables, which are well beyond the seedling stage, thank you very much. I usually say March and April are my least favorite months. This year, you’ve joined that unsavory pair.

Oh, and one more thing, May. If you want suddenly show off your true self between the day I write this and the day it is published, making me, in essence, seem a little crazy, be my guest!

Here’s one May event, I can be happy about and be thankful for. The day before last week's storm, the road crew graded Jenne Road. What a relief! Before that, there were a few spots that were teeth rattling when I drove over them at speed exceeding 10 miles per hour. This was especially true on the northern side of the road. Now, it's pretty smooth from end to end. My car, my teeth, and I are happy about that.

I want to comment on something else I’ve written about in a past column. Relax, May, it has nothing to do with you. Instead, it has to do with movies filmed in Vermont. At last week's Reading Historical Society board meeting, we reviewed our plans for the first talk at the museum for the season. It’s called “Vermont vs. Hollywood: 100 Years of Vermont in Film” and it is cosponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council.

I mentioned that I only knew of two movies filmed in our state. As the board members talked, I remembered one of my favorite movies from the 1980s. Though it was filmed here, East Corinth to be exact, the fictional town depicted in the film was in Connecticut. I’m talking about Beetlejuice.

According to, there have been dozens of movies filmed in Vermont. Some standouts include Ethan Frome, adapted from one of my favorite novels of all time, Baby Boom, The Cider House Rules (another outstanding novel), and Me, Myself, and Irene.

Whether you are a movie buff or a Vermont buff or a Reading Historical Society buff, this talk is right up your alley. Presented by Amanda Gustin, “Vermont vs. Hollywood: 100 Years of Vermont in Film” will be an enjoyable discussion. The talk happens on June 7, at 7pm. That is the month’s first Friday, so you can double your “Vermont in art” experience that night by going to the Hall Art Foundation to see their exhibit “Made in Vermont” first, and then coming to the Reading Historical Society Museum. First Friday at the Hall Art Foundation starts at 5pm. Admission is free, and you can tour the exhibits at your own pace.

I also want to pass along an update from something I wrote about earlier. On May 4, the Reading Afterschool Program (or RAP) sponsored Date Night. It was an opportunity for parents to drop their kids off at the library for some fun activities while they went out and had a date. Jess Seman tells me that Aubrey Seman, Robby Macri, Lily Macri, and Abby Merseal helped with keeping the kids entertained. The event raised $300! The funds generated were used to bring in Artistree to have a workshop as part of the afterschool program. That sounds like a successful event all the way around. Congratulations RAP, and thanks to all those who helped out.

Happy birthday to Rolland Boisvert, Tara Barbour, and Selena Wiltshire (all May 23), Logan Graham (May 26), Susan Allen (May 27), and Harper Hathorn (May 27).

Happy Memorial Day, and happy unofficial start to summer. Do you hear me, May?

That’s the news from Reading! See you next week!

This column originally appeared in The Vermont Standard on May 23, 2109.

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